Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Love of the collective

(401)  Nacera tale chande gane

In the rhythm of song and cadence of dance,
The world has become all-embracing.
With lost melodies of yesteryear,
Everyone was exuberant.

With eyes painted, bring your thread for garland;
And fill your basket with fragrant flowers.
Suffusing everyone with life's crimson color,
Imbue them with magnolia scent.

Now, with the splendor of effulgence,
Collective mind was taken as our mate.
Having found Heart's Thief nearby today,
Our mental pollen was entranced.

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  1. All humanity has a collective mind. In the second stage of Neohumanism, spirituality in essence, a blissful transformation occurs in the flow of thought for that collective mind.