Monday, December 14, 2015

Ruby of my mind

(413)  Harano diner sur bhese ase

Melodies of days gone by come floating
From time to time in the distant sky.
I see the long-lost ruby beaming gently,
Newly arrayed in a recess of my mind.

He is a festival of light at darkest night;
His effulgence everyone esteems.
A sapid waterfall on an arid path is He;
His water quenches every desire.
Remaining apart from Him is futile;
My heart always wants to keep near.

On rainy nights, our companion is He;
By all who've gone astray is He admired.
His stream of lustrous beauty brightly shines;
His holy splendor consumes all that is bleak.
Much as I want, I don't go near;
My trembling heart feels sweetly shy.

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  1. It is impossible to live without Him, and yet we feel bashful to go near.