Wednesday, December 9, 2015


(408)  Tomare peyechi jiivaneri prate

At the dawn of life, I sensed You;
I recognized You as morn advanced.
At break of day, I saw You;
And I flushed with consciousness.

Within my mind, time and again, You appeared;
Gazing to all sides, though seeing You, I do not see.
My garland of love, painstakingly strung,
Has fallen withered from neglect.
The love that I have offered You
Will all be finished, all be lost–
All be lost on a barren course.

Within my heart, time and again, You danced;
But I do not hear that sound, that unstruck melody.[1]
With my well-practiced and established tunes,
I have lain asleep, been neglectful.
The songs that I have offered You
Will all be finished, all unsung–
Unsung in the realm beyond speech.

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  1. For some, enlightenment comes with the realization of having been focused on the glamour of the journey instead of the grandeur of the destination.