Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nothing more to say

(415)  Prabhu kii ar balibo ami

Lord, what more is there to say?
Life after life, from cradle to grave,
With me You remain.

From the very dawn of creation
You were with me every instant.
The mantra for progress that I chant,
I have learned it by Your grace.

Your song will I go on singing;
By no means and for no bar will I cease.

No matter how many meteor storms appear,
Even then my movement will not cease.
A traveler on the highway to infinity,[1]
I crave Your grace and prostrate at Your feet.

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  1. There may not be anything more worth saying, but there are so many ways to say this same thing... as is so aptly demonstrated by the 5,018 songs that Baba gave in the last eight years of his life.