Friday, December 11, 2015

Desert sands and forest thorns

(410)  Ogo samane cala pathik

Oh, Traveler in the lead,
Just once, please look back at me.
Look back just once, look back at me.
Without our ever being introduced,
Still I call You tearfully.

My stream has gotten lost
Amid the desert sands.
Heart breaking in anguish,
Mind races in search of Him.
That anguish is the story of my life;
It springs to mind, time after time.

Mind's bloom has gotten lost
Amid the forest thorns.
Eyes painted black with but illusion,
I languish in my quest at dark of dusk.
The pain of defeat is thorns' torture;
Can my mind ever be relieved?

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  1. Why must the ever-blissful Lord be courted with so many plaintive songs?