Wednesday, December 9, 2015

All for one and one for all

(407)  Manera majhare lukaye rayecho

You lie hidden within the mind,
But seeking in the mind, we do not find.
Stealthily, with everyone You are linked;
In the universal heart is Your seat.

In the floral fragrance of hectic Chaitra,[1]
Your elegant sweetness sails along.
In the blue yonder and in the sea fire,[2]
In the redness of a vermilion dot,
In the gray white of milk and the bright white of snow,
Where are You not diffused?

Oh, Limitless Deity, You don't permit containment;
Allowing enclosure would be to suffer limitation.

To catch You we must identify with You;
Then even a tiny I becomes infinite.
In the collective mind You are one in divers raiment;
In harmony with all, we sing ballads of Thee.

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