Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Breaking the last boundary

(1618)  Tomare ceyechi mane prane ami, ceyechi hrdayakashe

In heart and mind I've looked for Thee,
And I have looked on sky of psyche...
Eyes thirsty and mentally unappeased,
Hoping for a glimpse of Thee, my Dear.

My mentality, restless for Thee,
Keeps not at home, not tranquil in the least.
Mid my anxiety, the pure-You is stationary;
You have stayed hidden at a recess very deep.
At midnight autumnal on lunar day unsullied,
A particle of Your love is floating, my Dear.

Time and again I look for You only,
But not the least satisfaction I achieve.
Overflowing is my heart for You exclusively;
Oh You, kindly arrive, undiluted, having smiled...
Mingled with my heart and mind You now abide.

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  1. Let's take the me out of consideration. I crave You and You only, not a mere reflection on my psyche.