Saturday, June 27, 2020

You make life replete

(1622)  Maner raja tomari tare

Ruler of the mind, for the sake of You only,
The psyche I have kept it decorated.
Through essence of ambrosia in rhythm and in melody,
With You only I have been inundated.

Without You, there is no daylight;
Without You, the pupil has no sable.
Good of good, You are love's effulgence,
A love-filled heart I have realized.

At gloomy night, oh You are the morning star;
On this day Yourself I discerned.
Beyond spatial limit, You are love omnipresent;
Within objects of desire, You are what is pleasant.
Inside You make sport, and outside strike a graceful pose;
Sweetness of Your liila I have coated.

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