Wednesday, June 10, 2020

His rain of grace

(1603)  Alokojjval tumi bhare acho manobhumi

You are resplendent; You fill up the mental world.
You are eternal truth; You rush toward effulgence.
Everybody's every wish and every accomplishment,
Lying hidden inside all, to Infinity You keep propelling.

Hey Master, Yourself in a hundred forms I have seen;
Unknowingly, time and again Your dust I have smeared.
Closing my own eyes, in blind attachment I have cried bitterly;
From these fetters mine, with Your own hand You do release.

Even when I've had You close, I never drew You near;
Not performing worthy deeds, I've given pain to psyche.
In my private hell, I've twined myself, writhing and writhing;
On this my tragedy of delusion, You pour down waters of mercy.

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