Tuesday, May 9, 2023

His leadership

(2625)  Prane esecho mane esecho

Into heart You have come, into mind You have come;
Overflowing the two shores, You've floated at inmost core.
Akin to You there is none, none that is Your equal;
You have laughed with lips in a sublime reddish color.

What I can conceptualize and that which I can't,
Small or large, to You it has no resemblance.
In a realm inconceivable, with splendor unembodied,
You have danced with sweet-smiling implication.

Intellect can't perceive, it can't recognize Thee;
Eyes blinkered by obsession, they don't get to see.
But those who would commingle with Your thought-stream,
To them You have surrendered, in compassion.

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