Sunday, May 28, 2023

My silent Partner

(2648)  Alakha nirainjana manorainjan

Unseen Supreme Being, pleasing to mind,
From time immemorial, You're the all-enchanting Lord.
Delightful consciousness, and by the world glorified,
You consume the existential bondage of everyone.

Contemplating You, I am at a loss for words;
Even someone with no means is nonetheless only Yours.
Ambrosial sweetness sways beneath Your lotus feet;
Colors of a flambeau paint the world with light-beams.

You are with everybody forever and always;
Morning and evening, all pray for Your grace.
Your path of love, bright chariot of mind,
It goes leaping over all hurdles delusory.

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  1. For every worldly obstacle, You give me strength and impetus to conquer.