Tuesday, May 23, 2023

You are my learning experience

(2643)  Tomar priitir gabhiirata

The depth of Your affection,
It's not plumbed by logic and reasoning.
Staying afar You simply laugh and love;
Close-by You don't come, why that's so I don't perceive.

You have given refuge from sunshine and rain;
You've given fire against snow's cascade.
Intellect fails to fathom whatnot I'm desiring;
With sense of the inmost, You understand everything.

Knowing and unknowingly, crimes I have made;
Even then, accepting ignorance, You show the way.
I go on forgetting You, but You don't forget me;
Every moment, myself You are educating.

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  1. To discover me I go to Thee, for me You know better than I know myself.