Monday, May 8, 2023

Past my prime

(2624)  Sharada prate jhara shephalite

On this autumn morn, with fallen jasmine of night,
Mind and heart, become one, Your merit they sing.
On a shore beyond speech, imagination goes a-floating;
Anything impeding does not succeed.

Along many lifetimes, I've gone on singing a song;
In it had been love and hope and ego's self-absorption.
At affront, there had been heartrending lamentation;
What was there, what was not, hard it is to conceive.

Once again in life that autumn has arrived;
It would seat You underneath the canopy of mind.
By rhythm and beat, by melody harmonized,
With delicious implication it wishes to please Thee.

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  1. In youth I felt that I'll get by; but now I know You're always my side.