Sunday, September 20, 2015

At long last

(346)  Prabhu tumi elei jakhan

Lord, only now You came again;
Why did You make so much delay?
Watching the path on which You arrive,
For me, many ages went by.

When You know how to love,
Why do You make a playful sport?
With all my heart I long for Thee,
To receive the ferry of Your feet.[1]

In hope of You day and night,
An ear to the ground was I.
After dangling hope and despair,
At long last, You graciously came.

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1 comment:

  1. As Krśńa says in the Bhagavad Giitá:
    Daevii hyeśá guńamayii mama máyá duratyayá;
    Mámeva ye prapadyante máyámetáḿ taranti te.

    [This máyá of mine is of the nature of three principles, and is almost insurmountable. Only those who take refuge in me can overcome this máyá.]