Sunday, September 6, 2015


(333)  Amar hiyar vyakulata

The angst of my heart is
Only due to my wanting You.
Take away my gloom;
I beg mercy, I beg mercy.

I know You're always with me;
But I don't see You, can't embrace You.
Day and night You're ever present
With a melodious stream of song.
In each and every cell of my mind,
Joint and several, Lover, You reside.

In bright moonbeams at dusk of night,
In mild sunrays at break of dawn,
In the flash of lightning bolts,
In deepest dark and truest light,
Outside and in, You envelop me;
So due to You, I'm without sleep.

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  1. Awareness of the abstract God only whets desire for the personal Guru.