Sunday, September 27, 2015

Future visions

(353)  Nutan prabhate tumi ele ele

At break of dawn You came, You came,
Bathed in crimson light.
To save the world You came, You came,
Having set aside all pride.

Heart stealer, why were You careless so long?
Please tell me; tell me, please.
Can the jewel of my eyes ever stay far away?
No, He cannot; He cannot do that.
Impassioned prayers about impassable barriers
Came to an end, this day; they came to an end.

Today, future visions are not flowers in the sky;
They are jewels of the earth, jewels of the earth.
Budding ideals don't appear only in the mind–
They shine constantly; constantly they shine.
You have come personally, giving respect to all,
And deeming every being equal.

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  1. When the world is guided by the principle of social equality, this earth will become a paradise. No obstacle will have the power to impede social progress for long.