Saturday, September 26, 2015


(352)  Cira nutanke kache peyechi

I've got close to the Evernew;
I will never let Him go.
In my mind, I clutch Mohan;[1]
My flow of joy admits no bar.

Oh, my happiness, it is endless;
Today my heart thrills with delight.
Like a parched tree in an arid desert,
My emerald luster had been lost.
Then I attained the One I sought;
And now my holy quest is fulfilled.

In a sea of voices, I was submerged;
Bereft of glee, I grew fatigued.
Then at the shore of forms, I found the formless
And lost myself in attainment of bliss.
Free from impediment is the mind I now know;
This mind heeds no bounds.

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  1. He alone can finally quench our thirst and satisfy our hunger. Hence, the attainment of Him is rightfully all-consuming.