Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In a temple of form

(336)  Tomari hasite tomari banshiite

With Your smile, with Your flute,
You keep pleasing the world.
With matchsticks of Your splendor,
You've told us to light our lamps.

Near or far, whatever we perceive,
Other than You, nothing else we see.
Near or far, whatever we imagine,
All thoughts are suffused with Thee.
From Your sandalwood trees in Eden,
You've let us strip the sweetness.

With worship of the formless in a temple of form,
Day and night, You let us hear Your voice.
Dispelling darkness and entering hearts,
You've borne us out of bondage.

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  1. He shoves us in and pulls us out... and teaches us to be a bit like Him.