Sunday, September 13, 2015

Merciful Lord

(341)  Dayal prabhu balo go tomay

Merciful Lord, about Yourself please say...
Why are You named as "merciful"?
On flowers, why do thorns stay;
And why do cataracts cross over pebbles?

Full of fragrance, the lotus flower–
Why does it blossom in dirty water?
Abounding with life, this joyful planet–
Why does it traverse a lonesome orbit?
Constellations, blazing starlights—
Why project only on new moon nights?

Like blossoms are babies– why then
Do they weep so long and so often?
The light of moon– why does it shine
Only in gaps when dark clouds hide?
The gentle and congenial wind
Rains down hail with a raucous grin.

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  1. In His mercy, He gives us the obstacles that must be overcome... the enemies that are friends in disguise.