Monday, October 5, 2015

A humble submission

(359)  Jaha kichu cao taha kare jao

Whatever You want, You make it happen;
Regarding Your dominion, I don't say a word.
Whom You make cry, whom You make laugh–
Lips sealed, I notice but do not speak.

The purpose of Creation– what it once was,
And what it now is, I fail to see.
Why You ride a chariot of destruction,
That also I just cannot fathom.
Darkness descending after light–
I grasp nothing of a liila You make like that.

Why furnish language to mouths that were mute?
Those instructed in logic, You made garrulous.
Withdrawing from sight, for what reason
Have You instilled overzeal for science?
The colorful lights of a black life–
By making them glitter, don't mislead me.

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  1. In Prabhat Samgiita, there seems to be a song to suit every psychology and every station in life.