Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What remains

(371)  Ashrute makha manamajhe rakha

Stored deep within my psyche, stained with tears
And carefully concealed, lo, there is a fervent plea.
Heart breaking, mouth unspeaking,
Oh, how much I've wept for Thee.

The ruby of my mind, You went missing
On a dark night long ago.
From anguish of heart and private pain,
My tears shower incessantly.
Let me forget, don't keep in my memory
Your departure, Lord– that You went away.

I cannot forget; again and again I remember—
Beguiled by false hope, I do not purge the memory.
With the complete agony of being bereft,
Have I attained all that You encompass?

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  1. Physically, He is no more; but, beyond His legacy, He also remains.