Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sweet dreams

(361)  Rater belay sabai ghumay

At nighttime everyone slumbers;
Why do the shiuli[1] stay awake?
Please explain, oh mother of mine–
Please tell me ere I sleep.

Other flowers are awake by day;
They slumber in the night.
During the day, they emanate fragrance;
Sweetly they sing.
I make their acquaintance
Through our mutual love of light.

Asleep are the puppies and the parakeets;
Asleep are the honeybees.
The shiuli shrub smiles and says:
"I am awake."
Mother, please answer, shiuli stay awake
Out of love for whom?

Darling child, here's why shiuli stay awake
In the dark of night.
By daylight they feel shy;
To the ground they fall.
At end of night, shiuli drop
Shortly after dawn.
At that time, my golden child,
The sleep that's yours will leave.

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  1. Our universe revolves around Him. His universe revolves around the child.