Sunday, October 11, 2015

Asked and answered

(364)  Aji pakhiira kii gan gaiya jay

What song do the birds keep singing now?
In flower groves, the bees, confidentially–
What would they confide today?
Oh, what do they want to say?

With falling rain on a rainy day,
Why does the shofar[1] of thunder astound?
At Whose thrilling, in flash after flash,
Do lightning particles dash about?

With flute ever playing new, new tunes,
Who sets my nature to dance and let loose?[2]

The Numen of all forms, the Love in all hearts,
Coated with every sweetness, He awaits.

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  1. Sometimes only a devotee can answer a philosophical or scientific question. The reply satisfies to an extent that would otherwise be impossible.