Monday, October 5, 2015

Monumental departure

(360)  Varasar rate niirave nibhrte

On a silent and lonesome monsoon night,
My beloved left, abandoning me.
He cast me aside, oh, He cast me aside.
Then, in storm clouds the flashing lightning,
What did it say in many indirect ways?
With so much guile, oh, with so much guile!

Gone is my necklace of pearls.
He, who was my darling–
Wringing my heart, He departed.
Oh, how it stirred me to the core!
Now thunderbolts fall on my eyelids,
Promptly downcast by that which was told.
What was disclosed, oh, what was disclosed!

My heart was broken by His leaving;
Oh, will He ever come back again?
Day and night, continually,
I think only of Him at every moment.
All of the time, oh, all of the time!

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