Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Journey's end

(374)  Tomar kache caina kichu

In Your presence, I want nothing;
Simply, I'm in love with Thee...
I'm in love, oh, I'm in love.

You remain close-by to me
And put on a sweet smile only...
A sweet smile, a sweet smile.

In spring, the southern wind,
When it will bear the scent of flowers,
Then, sitting by Your side,
My heart with Your heart will entwine.
If offered more, I'll take nothing—
My life will be complete, entering Your being...
Entering Your being, entering Your being.

On a honey-coated moonlit night,
Taking Your hand in mine,
I will walk with Thee
In endless consciousness.
I want nothing; I'll take nothing
You remain with me, dispelling staticity...
Dispelling staticity, Lord, dispelling staticity.

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