Monday, October 12, 2015

Where's the profit?

(365)  Arupa devata rupera deule

Formless Lord, in a temple of forms,
For whose sake do You count the days?
Why, with respect to ones who won't remain,
Do You weave a cobweb of sensation?

By Your divine power, the forms in this universe
Go on meeting and merging in a state beyond form.
Why then, by creating form, by this cosmic play,
Do You indulge the ephemeral for no net gain at all?

I know that the formation of Creation is not in vain
And that Your mental projections aren't perpetual.
I know that they are all a passing show;
Still, why fascinate mind with fleeting attractions?

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  1. Even a capitalistic perspective has its charm when directed toward Him with intelligence and devotion.