Tuesday, May 31, 2016


(514)  Hariye gechi vanera pathe

I got lost on a jungle path;
I trust that we must meet.
Forgotten are days crammed with expectations;
Now, day and night, just one desire lingers.

When tense winds blow within the jungle of my mind,
But for You there's none else by my side.
All my thoughts, they turn to Thee;
Lord, You're my only alternative.
Please come close, come closer still;
Make my path bright with the fall of Your moonlight.

In a heady dream at mind's abode,
You were my wreath of diamonds.
All my research, all my learning,
Ignorant of Your existence,
Lord, it's just a confused jumble.
Please come close, come closer still;
Lead me from form to the formless.

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