Monday, May 30, 2016

Good news

(513)  Pahare aj rauner mela

Many are the hues on hills today;
The mind dances, and earrings sway.
Come on, let's all go together;
Let us go and gather flowers.

Crossing cotton-forest trails,
We race over stony fields.
Shunning the wharfinger's mooring,
We'll go for bauhinia,
Bearing flowers on our hairbuns.

There's no end to our trek;
Motion is the gist of life.
Dancing, singing, we move ahead,
Happiness filling our mind.
When we don't find flowers,
Our mind, it grows anxious.
And so whenever we go forth,
We carry flowers with us.

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  1. While going in search of good news, we also carry it with us.