Friday, May 27, 2016


(510)  Shuktir buke muktar mata

Like a pearl in the bosom of an oyster
A bud's nectar is tucked in.
I've taken pains to keep it sheltered,
My wellspring of form and vibration.

May this honey of mine never go dry;
In rainstorm, Lord, may it not get lost.
My worship will proceed in Your direction
With many multifarious incantations.

Your realization will surely ensue;
In this world, none else is mine but You.
All my salutation and solicitation
Are absorbed in contemplation of Your love.

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  1. He exists both within and without. As He dwells without, He can love us even if we don't love Him. As He dwells within, whenever we are loving Him, at that very moment He must be loving us.