Thursday, March 28, 2019


(1287)  Bhalo besechile

You had cherished me;
But I've not held You dear.
Ebony You moved aside,
But I've not wished to enter light.

In the flower's exudation, indication of life,
You elicited vibration on a drunk springtime.
With colors flower You did paint;
Indeed, You did imbue grace.
But that grace I've not wished to take.

You told: "Do not fear... near to Me is varĂ¡bhay;[1]
You are getting fortitude... your refuge is Mine.
Opening your eyes, behold Me;
With a new mind-set examine everything."
Yet though my eyes are opened, still I haven't seen.

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  1. One of us must be perverse. Are the blessings unreal, or am I just a fool?