Friday, March 8, 2019

Oh that sparkling chariot

(1267)  Alor rath jay, kata hiya alakake chunye

Light's chariot does advance,
It does advance, it does advance.
Many a heart-heaven having touched,
Many shadows of attachment having crossed,
So much love having snatched and carried off,
It dashes ever along its own path.

This chariot, never does it heed any interdict;
This chariot, never does it get startled or falter;
This chariot, out of fear, never does it crawfish...
It always faces forward.

Having bathed everybody in affectionate effulgence;
Having strengthened both hands on the path of righteousness;
Having merged its meter with song's melody and rhythm...
It glitters on a sea of ambrosia.

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  1. His pioneering chariot of light enheartens and emboldens me.