Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Krsna was born

(1285)  Kuyashar kalo muche diye

Fog's ebony, having wiped away
And having banished despair's trace,
The lamp of hope, taking in hand,
At midnight, He'd arrived.

Filled with love were His eyes,
With luster His visage made bright,
Silently His roundabout excursion
Finished, He had paused at my door.

Coated with clouds was the firmament,
Mind's sky was abrim with ideation,
Thinking, thinking about Him,
In the eyes tears had gathered.

Jasmines on that monsoon eve
Had poured scent into atmosphere.
With moon behind a cloud-screen,
Peacocks had danced on witnessing.

In His footdust was compassion;
In my thinking was illusion.
With the touch of that dust on misconception,
A vibration had awakened.

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