Thursday, March 14, 2019

My playful Master

(1273)  Amay niye e kii khela

With me such fantastic sport
You've kept making, oh Merciful Lord.
You gave to me residence and victuals,
What You gave is more than I can tell.

You gave a mother's warm affection
And the shelter in a father's heart.
You gave an ally-friend-benefactor,
And, through life, knowledge of all sorts.

You gave romantic love's caress
And moonlit night's joyfulness.
You gave the heady wine of spring
And music full of poetry.

You disclosed the final destination,
And bestowed supreme accomplishment.
You wiped away my doubts and bondages,
And did make me stout-hearted...
Oh Playful Master, my Playful Master.

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  1. His mysterious game can only be won when we are on the same team, and He is playing for me.