Thursday, March 7, 2019

What is this inside of me?

(1266)  Jyotite ujjvala priiti samujjvala

In radiant splendor, affection-beaming,
Over my heart He does reign graciously.
Acclaimed by ten million suns, His gorgeous feet revered,
He resides in crimson beauty at the core of psyche.

I concede Your dignity can't be seen by speech or thought;
And I know that also it exceeds both logic and reason.
After You had mercy, what is there that cannot be?
Please stay with me in my every deed.

Like the magnolia bud, You are matchless elegance;
You are innermost in everybody's inner self.
I am bowing at Your feet; please show this mercy to me
That mind may dance in Your ecstasy.

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  1. He is bliss indescribable. I would serve Him and revel in His reverie.