Wednesday, March 20, 2019


(1280)  Aksay tumi avyay tumi

You are endless and immutable,
Beyond measure, oh Lord Radiant
With the splendor of highest heaven.
In the stamen of a blossom
And the luster of a palash flower,
Gracious One, You are celebrated.

In the cloud cover art Thou resonant;
The mental realm is shaded by rhythm and song.
In cadence surging from the ocean-floor,
With purpose You are pregnant, oh Billowy One.

Both origin and end, to nothing You defer;
Everlasting, You alone are the endeavor.
With Your implication and Your wholesome ideation,
I am lionized, oh Consciousness Personified.
Beyond censure and praise, indeed supramundane,
Is Your seat, oh Effulgent One.

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  1. We merely receive praise or blame that indirectly and incompletely accrues to Him.