Monday, October 11, 2021

He lights up cosmic darkness

(2050)  Jyotsna tithite bakula viithite

On this moonlit lunar day, on a bakul-lane,
Scattered are Whose specks of love?
Who is He, the Artist that's embodied
Sweetness made from His thoughts.

What I never imagined, I see it also come to pass;
But what I think of frequently, that does not happen.
Such a cosmic game known, such a web woven...
A delightful fragrance, pregnant with purpose!

The Formless God, beyond voice-and-mind's reach,
The whole of Creation He has remained filling.
And He has let be strewn on gloom via light-beams
Splendor like a jeweled necklace for the enormous.

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  1. With beauty His mercy pervades the entire universe, myself included.