Saturday, October 23, 2021

Our Savior works stealthily

(2062)  Tumi esechile nava varata dile

You had come; a new message You delivered–
A lantern You set alight, and You made conscious.
Those who had been asleep, Yourself they'd forgotten;
Having wakened them, You imparted inspiration.

Whenever the darkness comes down over Earth,
Doctrines of humanity wallow in the dust.
By only Your mercy comes awakened consciousness;
And having aroused, You provide implication.

Hey You Beyond Gloom, the Avatar of Compassion,
Never do You speak of Your own actions.
Silently You go on staying, You hide at heart's core;
Due to any obstruction, You don't ever pause.

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  1. He seems to arrive in times of need, but He requires no glory.