Sunday, October 3, 2021

You are my eternal love

(2042)  Hemante ei madhu mayate

In the season of prewinter, in this honeyed sorcery,
On a still and quiet night, Who are You that arrived?
You furnished no particulars, no word did You speak;
But a light You did lavish upon my dark night.

To call my own there had been nobody,
No one who was mopping tears of grief.
Silently, with both hands, eyes dry You made;
Right away You induced forgetting of pain.

Oh Who You are, Beloved One, till now I don't know it;
But psyche does not yearn to learn specifics.
I know just a little bit: You're with me I realize;
From past to future, beyond time, You will abide.

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  1. With that knowledge I know enough. Though I realized You late in this life, I know You will abide.