Friday, October 15, 2021

Mired in a quandary

(2053)  E pather shes kothay

Where is this path's end?
There is neither start nor finish.
From whence came it unto where it wends,
In what place is the conclusion?

Who is that Pioneer Who has stayed concealed;
So much do I seek, but Himself He does not reveal.
I know He is not far-distant, I know He is near;
For what reason does He prefer not to give in?

What He wishes, in plain talk He states not;
What makes Him appear, that too He proclaims not.
Under science or philosophy, He comes not.
Yet understanding with my intellect is requisite;
So, in absence of His mercy, there is no expedient.

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  1. I must understand; but if He won't lend a hand, how can I succeed?