Saturday, October 2, 2021

Writing history

(2041)  Din cale jay kal bahe jay

Time flows onward, days go away;
Their reckoning who saves?
Against a backdrop without end or beginning,
Kindly say, who will create the history?

Round about You are my exits and arrivals;
Both in laughter and in tears lies my affection.
But I don't recognize You, toward Whom once again
I goad the ship of my existence.

Anything that I may do is erudition's vanity;
Yet, seated alone in mind own, I still conceive.
Nothing belongs to me; Yours is everything;
Having attained Thee, that is serenity.

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  1. We read books and tell stories, but our chronicles are largely imaginary. They tend to omit the most important, perhaps the only, personality.