Friday, October 15, 2021

What's Your love all about?

(2054)  Tumi kata liila jano, kache je thake tare dure thelo

How much love-play do You know!
He who remains near, him You shove remote;
And he who fancies separation, him You pull close.

Upon sky, by dint of clouds, the moonlight You hide;
And on earth, with meteors the Dark Lord You invite.
With muddy water the sweet lotus You do coat;
And into a downcast heart You bring a glow of hope.

Having seen the sport, to see the Sportsman is my wish;
But why is the game's manner that I don't attain Him?
Amid cooing of the birds in a lonesome grove,
I stroll about searching; for what reason, You know.

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  1. Oh lonesome me! If it's a game, Lord, do say please: How can I win out?