Sunday, May 12, 2024

Both far and near

(3006)  Tomari katha bheve marmik anubhave

Having thought of You alone, with feelings poignant,
The dam is broken, to Infinite my mind goes floating.
You are Master of Heaven-and-Earth, refuge to the helpless;
A particle of Your love fills the heart with ecstasy.

With unrivaled cadence and with mind-pleasing scent,
With a throbbing mood-mounted, everyone's Most Beloved...
For blooms You're the garland, on necklace You're the gem;
Unattached You laugh with affection and exquisite beauty.

In extreme summer heat, the first flow of water;
In gaps between thunderclouds, the polestar splendid.
A tree's shadow under sun, in darkness the moon's magic;
Though staying remote You live in a paradise of mind-honey.

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