Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Darling, it's alright

(3013)  Ankhira badal mucheche kajal

An ocular rain has wiped away the kohl.
Won't you say: Into mind has sprung Whose story?
What's the reason there's no sleep, to you I inquire;
The innermost secret, why don't you speak?

To light is light directed, alike is the nighttime sweet;
But a weight ruinous, fragrance pained, is the vernal breeze?
Despondency has awakened upon viewing Somebody;
Shame and fear forgetting, please make known Who is He.

Psyche's clouds ebony don't remain for a long while;
Bit by bit they become weak by focused thought on the Divine.
After bad days, happy days will arrive;
So I say knowingly: Worry not about a thing!

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  1. Don't be contrary– long may be the night, but comes eternal paradise.