Saturday, May 4, 2024

Please excuse me

(3000)  Tomay ami ceyechi, shata rupe mane mane

I have wanted You
In a hundred forms at heart of heart.
Lord of Existence, why did You not come,
Parting and staying far, in a huff?

Invisibly You move on singing with delight;
You convey a tune-stream, filling life.
With just Your lyre, just Your lyre, its smiling chime,
To the far Sky, taking me it soars.

This Your attraction, dodging does not succeed;
My psychic sweetness races on toward Thee.
You did scatter such ambrosia,
Its sweet scent, a fragrance that with life accords;
By just its love, its pollen and affection,
It drags me along, heeding no prohibition.

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  1. You are the life of my life, my everything. Like it or not, I'll cling to Thee.