Sunday, May 5, 2024

Thanks be to Thee

(3001)  Ganer mala jena shukhaiya na jay

That a garland of song not get evaporated,
Parched by desert winds deadly,
By Your kindness, peace and a sprinkling of water,
Ever may they dwell with me.

A flower I've made bloom, instilling mental sweetness.
Carefully I'm stringing a tiny garland on love's thread.
Having said I'll make You wear it, I'm become effusive;
Night and day the pathway scrutinizing.

By Your inspiration, in mind a sweetness has appeared;
On a speck of Your grace, my breast has gone brimming.
Psyche's in a frenzy to give You an offering,
With love's conviction in hand and ready.

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  1. In return for all You've given me, let me give You something.