Friday, May 3, 2024

Opposites meet

(2999)  Vajra anale ele shanta susama dhele

Thunder with fire, You came pouring tranquil splendor;
Contrary, Your divine game is exposed to everyone.
You are both mild and severe, a heart-realm limitless;
On sky, in hell, You're with many states, many forms.

When going to fathom You, bottom does not get obtained;
Having gone to seek You, the minuscule existence fades.
The Supreme, You are peerless, everybody's Dearest Dear;
You exist, so flow of life is there in the whole cosmos.

The vanity of one who's tiny is a vainglory;
Where it gets subsumed, Your fragrance is revealed.
You varnish love and sweetness, You keep filling the earth;
Ambrosia, in good and bad times, unto Heaven having brought.

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