Thursday, May 16, 2024

Don't just alight, make it all right

(3008)  Mayaloke eso ajana pathik

Passer-by Unknown, please come to the realm of Maya,
To my home, having strayed intentionally,
At my eyes entwined with sleep,
The veil of mist sundering.

Except for You there's none else to desire;
By anything other I don't get satisfied.
And so each moment from dawn's rise,
Through liila do deceive by a hundred means...

Not a bit will I ignore that play divine;
In the thought of You my mind wants to abide.
I go on singing a single tune in darkness and in light,
Wholeheartedly: Please arrive with pride and glory...

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  1. Grant me not only sight but insight, Your splendor to recognize.