Tuesday, March 21, 2017

He takes our sorrow

(682)  Amara madhurii charaye diyecho

You have strewn heaven's sweetness
Everywhere, Lord, everywhere...
In every floral and mental garden,
Everywhere, Lord, everywhere.

The play of cloud-based electricity
Has been steadily calling me;
Yet shooting stars and thunderstorms
Ever beseech Your benison.
My desperate heart, craving Thee,
Dances today but listlessly.

You've assumed the load of sorrow,
A smile upon our faces to unfold.
In dulcet tones You've gone on stating:
"I'm in love with you only."
You rise laughing gently; fondly You declare:
"No anguish will exist in any place."

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  1. Graciously and inevitably, interest shifts from lightning to light.