Sunday, March 19, 2017


(680)  Tumi mor jiivaner andharer dhruvatara

When life is gloomy, You're my polestar;
Oh, the bright light of my life You are.
My days go by, watching for Your coming;
Contemplating You, how good it feels.

Amid arid desert, You're the tasty cascade;
You're the sweet memory of my bygone days,
The golden hue when pitch-black is the dark,
The joyful song inside my broken heart,
You love, and You know only how to love;
The honey of ambrosia, constantly You pour.

You make the lame scale an indomitable peak;
The mouths of the mute You fill with speech.
Though my many sins You know, You lift me on Your lap;
Hope is attained by my heart pain-wracked.
Keeping You before me, I drift on melodies Thine;
The lamp of my life You ignite, You ignite.

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