Friday, March 10, 2017

In His garden

(670)  Phuler vane bhomara elo

A bee came into a flower grove;
Why all asudden, no one knows...
Who knows, oh, who knows?
Surrounded by multicolored leaves
And flower petals hued brilliantly,
The bee heeds no restriction.

So now within that garden I gaze,
Mystified and amazed...
With songs of love a sweet breeze
Has lifted up and imbued me.
Flowers want the bee to appear,
Abuzz with stories to speak...
Taking heart's nectar to fly away,
In every place, yes, every place.

There's nothing that can impede progress
When noble minds hold common purpose...
When speech is sung in a practiced strain,
In every place, yes, every place.
In every garden there's but one image;
In every mind, it lies hidden...
It's in the notes of an unstrummed harp
In every heart, yes, every heart.

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